Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Well, two interesting pieces of information came my way today. The MAPS adoption information packet came in the mail and my husband got the dish on a friend's IVF experience. An adoption through MAPS seems like it is going to cost a fortune. Unless we find our own birthmother, so if you know of anyone in a crisis...

Our buddy whose wife just had IVF had an excellent experience and her insurance covered some of the cost. Our insurance rep doesn't think that that is the case for us. But she's checking into it. The clinic is about 150 miles away which tells you how very far away we are from civilization. If only Wal-Mart got in on the infertility game...there's one of those every 25 miles.

I have an appointment with the OB-GYN on December 4th. I made that stinking appointment in the middle of the summer, by the way. I'm getting assertive this time. To the point of irrational. We want a baby/pregnancy within 18 months or we will be stepping up the adoption plans. Enough already. I'm pushing 30. I've been trying for EIGHT years. It's go time.

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