Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Needle in Bombay Anyone?

You know you've reached the brink of insanity when you actually contemplate traveling to India for an EMBRYO ADOPTION.
That's right kiddos. I actually looked up ticket prices on expedia.com
It would mean ten nights in Bombay, stirrups, and $3500.
Thank goodness I couldn't find the credit card.
Check it out for yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving, and please pass the curry.


Baby Steps to Baby Shoes said...

Have you considered embryo adoption here in the US? Check out nedc.org. Bethany Christian Services also has an embryo adoption program (but it is limited in some areas). Just a thought.

Callie said...

Funny you should mention them. I first read about embryo adoption on Bethany's site. When I did a web search on potential cost and protocol, I found the Indian program to be very possible for our family. I'm not sure anyone would take a risk on implanting me with embryos here in the states because of my unexplained history of miscarriage.

orodemniades said...

I don't mean to be a downer, but please consider the aspects of bringing a child of a different race into your home whether through ED, SD, or adoption.

Also, looking at their prices, once you include the price of airline tickets and drugs it doesn't sound all that cost effective to me, especially if you're doing an IVF cycle with ICSI. I'm just sayin'.

However, I know many people do go to other countries, South Africa, Poland, France, etc for treatment, so why not India as well? Besides, y'know, it's India...maybe you could pack me in your suitcase?

Have you been diagnosed with anything in particular, or just given ye old 'unexplained' diagnosis...

orodemniades said...

Er, I meant to finish 'please consider all the racial aspects of bringing a child of a different race into your home' with 'as there will be cultural consequences that both you and your child/ren will need to face'.

I've not been to Maine for many years, but I can tell you that as a person of mixed race growing up in Vermont, well, being mixed race in a white community can be difficult. I don't want to dissuade you at all, just provide some food (curry?) for thought.

Callie said...

whoa, hold on. I really don't think that I'll be traveling to India or be implanted with Indian embryos anytime soon.
It was impulsive surfing on the net that seemed comical when daylight broke.
As for dealing with racial issues, I have a very supportive family and community. Especially my church family. No matter how the baby arrives in our home or what this child looks like, he will be surrounded with love and acceptance. What ever our child faces for life-struggles he will face with us beside him and with our loved ones behind. Good food for thought.
As for the diagnosis - I have been labeled with the oh so flattering "habitual spontaneous aborter." Doesn't that sound like I can't seem to stay away from the Family Planning Clinic?