Friday, January 11, 2008


When I called the doctor's office they told me that it looked like two eggs would be released. I asked about when would be a safe time to test for pregnancy - the HCG shot can cause a false positive if testing too early. I also asked about the game plan to KEEP us pregnant if we are blessed with a pregnancy this cycle. Here's the deal. The nurse on the phone recommended that I wait to test until I'm a week late - yikes. Once I get a positive pregnancy test I'll call them and they will schedule two quantitative HCG blood tests a few days apart. They also promised to monitor my progesterone levels and my thyroid.
Well, that's their plan. Here's mine. I'm not waiting to be a week late. I'll test on the 24th. Two weeks after my injection. Because according to one half of the hormone is removed from your system every 28 hours.
The reason why I'm testing "early?" The last time we managed to get pregnant (March 2005) I never even made it to my first doctor's visit. If I need progesterone to make this baby stick, I'm not going to let seven days pass and run the risk of losing this one too.

Any way. Tonight's the big night. 30 hours after my monster shot. Let's just hope DH doesn't crack under the pressure.


Meghan said...

You're fine to start testing early. The trigger is typically out of your system is 7-10 days. If you've got some internet cheapie tests, you can even test it out of your system.

I can't believe they make you wait until you are a week late! What woman could ever wait that long!

Good luck with everything, hope this is it for you

Callie said...

Bless your heart! I hadn"t thought of testing it out of my system...great suggestion! I don"t think that nurse has ever ttc, or that hpt were available when she was! She seemed kind of old school - and probably was representing her own perspective rather than that of the doctor"s.