Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I've Finally Grown A Pair

Well, it's taken 28 years of existence, 8 years of infertility, and 3 miscarriages to get to a place where I can tell the medical establishment exactly what I want and then get it. This morning, my basal temp dropped below my cover line. It dropped a lot. I'm 4 dpo and I should be watching that graph rise, baby rise instead of diving 2000 leagues under the sea.
The doctor's office told me a few days ago that once I tested positive for a pregnancy, they would test me for progesterone levels and prescribe some suppositories if necessary. My temperature dip led me to believe that my level must be low. Thermal shift is caused by an increase in progesterone, right. So, I figured I needed some hormones quick.
I called the doctor's office, told them what I wanted and why, and they listened. They actually listened. This might not seem like a big deal to most of you, but it's huge for me. I'm not used to folks paying attention to what I say about my body. It was a big deal when I told my physician I thought I had had a miscarriage and he tested me for a beta hCg. I'd gone to other docs and they would have me pee on a stick and tell me it was all in my head.
I think I'm tired of being ignored. I'm pretty laid back, but I can't afford to be mellow about this. It's nice to know that I can stand up, say what I need, and get what I want. Things look good folks.

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Meghan said...

Good for you! We have to be advocates for ourselve, because no one else is going to. Hope your temp shoots right back up!

And good luck with the rest of the 2ww