Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fast Track Fertility Plan

I saw my little Italian gynecologist this afternoon. I made the appointment this summer. We now have a plan. A good plan.
1. Tomorrow I get my thyroid level checked.
2. I call next Wednesday to ensure that the lab sent her the results. If my thyroid is low, we start on a thyroid medicine again.
3. The first day of my next cycle (beginning in January) I call to schedule an ultrasound for day 12 of my cycle.
4. Day 3-7 of my next cycle, I take 100 mg of Clomid (last time I took this stuff it was 50 mg.)
5. Day 12 ultrasound, if I'm making a follicle we stick with the Clomid for two more cycles. If I'm not making a follicle, she gives me an injection and I will ovulate within 36 hours. We time intercourse for that day and the day after. Or we can do intrauterine insemination.
Finally a plan.


Meghan said...

Plans are always good!!

Just a little assvice here: One thing you might want to clarify with your dr, if you don't have an appropraitely sized follicle on your day 12 u/s, the trigger shot won't do anything, because there isn't anything to trigger. My last cycle I had an u/s on day 11, follie was only 17mm so I came back on day 13, follie was a good size and I triggered that night.

Good luck!!!

Callie said...

Wow, I had no idea. Thanks.